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What defines a volunteer centre? / Qu’est-ce qui définit un centre d’action bénévole?

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What’s in a name? That which we call a volunteer centre by any other name would smell as sweet.

It used to be that a volunteer centre was defined by its name; if you were a volunteer centre, you called yourself such. It wasn’t always consistent, but the word “volunteer” usually appeared. There are, however, organizations that perform the functions of a volunteer centre and are called something completely different – Community Link, Resource Centre, Community Services, etc.

Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement & Code Audit Tool

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Volunteer Canada created the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement (CCVI) in 2001 to support organizations that engage volunteers. The CCVI details standards of practice for engaging and managing volunteers effectively, and organizations are encouraged to adopt the standards at all levels. To assist in the adoption process, Volunteer Canada developed the Code Audit Tool, which allows organizations to assess and analyze the way they involve volunteers, and helps them identify areas for further development.

Top three places to post your volunteer opportunities / Voici les trois meilleurs endroits où afficher vos occasions de bénévolat

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From time to time, Volunteer Canada receives requests for posting volunteer opportunities on our website. While we thank you for thinking of us, we don’t match volunteers with volunteer opportunities; That’s something we leave to the expertise of local volunteer centres.

Volunteer centres work in local communities to strengthen volunteering and citizen engagement. With more than 200 in Canada, each volunteer centre’s name, size, structure and services reflect the unique characteristics of their community.

National Dialogue on Screening Volunteers / Dialogue national sur le filtrage des bénévoles

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On June 2, 2017, Deloitte and Volunteer Canada co-hosted the National Round Table on Screening Volunteers. Twenty leaders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors gathered to consider models to improve screening people interested in working in positions of trust with vulnerable people, including children, youth, people with disabilities, frail elderly, and those experiencing temporary or chronic debilitating illness.

#ReducePoverty in Canada Contest / Concours #RéduireLaPauvreté au Canada

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The Government of Canada is inviting young people from coast to coast to coast to answer one question:

How can we reduce poverty in Canada?

Do you have a great idea or solution? Have you seen something in your community that works?

Tell us about it in a creative way!

Graduate Certificate in CSR/Sustainability / Certificat de deuxième cycle en RSC/viabilité

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Take your career in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability to the next level, Graduate Certificate in CSR/Sustainability, University of St. Michael’s College at U of T

Job Posting Manager, Corporate Events and Projects / Avis d’emploi vacant : Gestionnaire, Événements et projets d’entreprise

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Manager, Corporate Events and Projects

Contract position – 8 months with possibility for renewal (based on funding)

Reporting to the Director, Corporate Citizenship, the Manager, Corporate Events and Projects builds upon Volunteer Canada’s leadership and expertise in corporate citizenship through managing Group Volunteering Managing Services for corporate clients and supporting Corporate Citizenship Consulting/ Research and the Corporate Council on Volunteering.

Starting a Campus Club: Volunteerism at its finest / La création de clubs universitaires : le bénévolat à son meilleur

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It is no secret that there are many opportunities to volunteer in university. All these opportunities are both rich learning experiences and important contributions to the community in their own way. I want to focus on the unique qualities of founding and running one of Canada's 7,000+ campus clubs and how volunteer centres and non-profit organizations could learn from and engage them better.

As voluntary as can be...

Survey: Profiling the Profession

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The Conference Board of Canada is undertaking research into the Corporate Community Investment (CI) profession in Canada and is seeking your input.

150 Years of Canadian Volunteering History / Les 150 ans d’histoire du bénévolat au Canada

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July 1, 1867 – July 1, 2017

Volunteers – what would we do without them? Since Canada’s earliest days as a nation, volunteers have continuously worked towards creating a better society for all. Here’s a recap of the last 150 years of volunteering history.