COVID-19 Volunteering Opportunities


COVID-19 Volunteering Opportunities

Click here for the Government of Canada’s Student Service Grant Program. Volunteer Canada is not involved in this program.

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities outside of that program now or in the future, search below or click here to find thousands of organizations around the country, that need help, including COVID-19 response roles, virtual volunteering, and a variety of activities that support others and strengthen communities.  

Volunteer centres know the organizations in their communities and are vetting COVID-19 related volunteer opportunities for safety and quality, for both the volunteer and those they are helping.

Look for a volunteer centre in your area from those listed below. 


British Columbia

Nova Scotia



  •, Fédération des centres d’action bénévole du Québec (FCABQ)




Don’t see a centre in your area? Visit our Volunteer Centre Directory.

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