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Survey: Profiling the Profession

Par Volunteer Canada à 4:01 pm Wednesday, Jul, 05 2017 • 0 Commentaires

The Conference Board of Canada is undertaking research into the Corporate Community Investment (CI) profession in Canada and is seeking your input.

The resulting paper will be used to inform job seekers hoping to get into the profession, existing professionals working in CI, HR teams recruiting CI professionals, and to organizations that support those working in the profession. It will offer an opportunity to reflect on trends and prospects within the profession, while showcasing the value CI professionals bring to businesses and their impact on community organizations across Canada and Internationally. In addition, it will lay the foundations to ‘standardize’ roles in the CI profession, as has already happened in other professional areas.

Participating in this research offers you an opportunity to contribute to the body of knowledge regarding the CI profession and to participate in a prize draw to win a 32GB iPad. You must be working in a Corporate Community Investment role in Canada to be eligible to take part in this research.

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